Free Email for Business

free email for business

Why you should never use free email for business.

The message is clear: email is king. Many clients and customers communicate by email and as you know, it gives a fantastic ROI in your marketing strategy… Unless you’re using a free email like Hotmail, Gmail, or even your internet provider. If that’s the case, you could be losing business every day.

It looks unprofessional:

Imagine if banks used free email accounts – you’d never feel comfortable giving them your personal details let alone any money. How people perceive your business is what makes your business. Without that professional touch, you’ll appear temporary and fly-by-night. It puts your credibility into question and sends the message that you’re not serious about doing business – or worse – that you’re prepared to cut corners.

It erases your experience:

Newer, fledgling businesses often start out with a free email address. The address clearly communicates that they are new and have little experience and are perhaps testing the waters in a new direction. They’re unproved and firmly within the hobby-zone.  Continuing to use the free address once your business moves into the professional arena means you’ll struggle to build momentum and customers will think you’re inexperienced.

It’s forgettable or inappropriate:

Your business success hinges on being memorable enough to gain referral customers and results from your advertising. Unfortunately, free email addresses are by default filled with hard to remember clutter, for example – or

Neither of these roll off the tongue, is appropriate for business, or are easy to remember without a high likelihood of typos and bounce back. Branded email addresses such as make running a profitable, scalable business much easier.

It’s not permanent or safe:

When you use a free email address you are at the mercy of the email provider. They may shutdown operations or cancel your account for any reason. These types of accounts are often hacked and leaked on a global scale. When a better internet or email deal comes along, you’re still stuck using the old address because it’s printed on your business cards, car lettering and flyers.

Some will agree to keep the address open for a fee, but you’ll lose the control and flexibility you need to grow your business. With your own domain name, you own it and can move it to a new business-grade email service easily. You’ll also have complete master control over the addresses within your domain, resetting passwords and creating/closing accounts at will.


Using a free email address for your business may end up costing you a lot more than doing it right the first time.

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