Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Technology Infrastructure? (Part 1: Cost Savings)

Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Technology Infrastructure? (Part 1: Cost Savings)

Computers, routers, and other technology can seem just fine. You turn them on, and they do what they need to. Even updates can be automated.

So, do they really need to be maintained? The short answer is: Yes, unless you want to pay unnecessary costs.

You can think of your business technology infrastructure like your vehicle. Your car may run just fine without any noticeable issues, but if you don’t have the oil changed regularly, you’ll end up with a breakdown and major repair costs.

And what happens if you don’t want to spend the money to have the brake pads replaced? You might think it’s just a little squealing, but it doesn’t really keep you from driving. Without that maintenance, you could end up in an accident that costs you much more.

Wabash, IN Managed IT services and ongoing computer maintenance are similar to keeping your car regularly maintained. While your technology may be running just fine, it’s what’s going on “under the hood” that could end up causing major downtime or other costly issues.

How Much Can Unmaintained Technology Cost You? 

When you only have technology fixed when it’s broken, that’s called a break/fix approach. If you think you’re saving money this way, you may be in for a big surprise.

Each unmanaged computer costs businesses approximately $5,000 per year.

Holding onto older equipment and not upgrading when you need to is another way a business is hit with unexpected costs. Using outdated equipment can hold your business back or could crash at any time.

Taking a proactive approach to your IT equipment is similar to getting those regular oil changes, brake pad replacements, and checkups for your car. And it can save you from the following costs:

Unexpected Downtime

There are usually warning signs before a computer hard drive or server crashes. Some of these may go unnoticed by you or your employees but would be picked up on by an IT technician right away.

Without regular maintenance to ward off equipment failures, you could end up with major IT downtime right in the middle of a busy week. 

Downtime can cost businesses as much as $10,000 per hour.

Ransomware/Malware Attack

Just because some computer updates can be automated, doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about unpatched vulnerabilities.

Here’s what can go wrong if you think your updates and security patches can take care of themselves:

  • Not all firmware and software offer automated updates
  • Automated updates can fail if not monitored
  • Updates gone wrong can cause new computer issues
  • Employees can turn them off because they don’t want to be interrupted

In recent years, there have been major vulnerability issues reported with Wi-Fi routers, Windows OS, and other technology.

Researchers found 125 vulnerabilities across 13 different routers and network attached storage (NAS) systems.

Some of the recent malware and ransomware infections that have cost businesses in Indiana and the rest of the country millions of dollars are:

  • KRACK Attack
  • Dragonblood
  • Kr00k
  • EternalBlue
  • NotPetya
  • WannaCry

Productivity Costs

How much time do you or your employees spend dealing with IT issues on a daily basis? 

One router that’s dropped a connection here and a computer that won’t reboot properly there, can really add up and be costing you more than you realize because it doesn’t come in one lump sum.

A study of U.S. office workers found that people spend 22 minutes each day on average dealing with IT-related issues. This equates to more than two full work weeks each year for a full-time employee. 

If you multiply that 22 minutes per day by just 15 employees at $18 per hour, that would be a productivity loss of $1,980 every month. 

The table below illustrates the costs of productivity loss based upon those minutes here and there spent dealing with tech problems that can creep up on companies.

Productivity loss is one of those unexpected costs incurred because a business mistakenly thinks handling IT on their own would save money over having an IT maintenance and support plan.

Loss of Forward Momentum

Do you have those days when you feel like you’re always putting out fires? You don’t get anything done that you wanted to, and instead you’re just trying to keep things up and running.

It’s like having an unexpected car problem that leaves you sitting in the mechanic’s shop half the day. You lose your forward momentum and end up having to spend unbudgeted dollars.

When you have an IT outage, security issue, router that’s down, or any number of other tech problems that can come up, it means you’re dealing with that urgent problem instead of being able to focus on forward momentum for your business.

This can mean lost opportunity costs that are difficult to put an exact number on but are very real just the same.

Lower Costs by Working with a Trusted IT Provider

Skyline Business Technology can handle maintenance and monitoring remotely, making things simple for you. We’ll keep your technology secure and in top condition, lowering your costs and allowing you to focus on forward momentum.

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