Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Technology Infrastructure? (Part 2: Business Benefits)

Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Technology Infrastructure? (Part 2: Business Benefits)

In Part 1 of our series on maintaining your technology infrastructure, we talked specifically about cost savings. In this article, we’ll discuss other business benefits when you properly maintain your technology.

Why do companies put off proper IT maintenance and upgrades that could help their business? Some reasons include:

  • Not realizing it costs them more for unmanaged IT
  • Too busy just trying to keep things running
  • Unaware of problems with consumer-grade routers, PCs, etc.
  • Getting stuck in old ways of doing things

Your technology infrastructure is the heart of your business. If it’s not operating at full efficiency, neither is your company.

Just think about your home and all the different parts that need to be operating efficiently – your HVAC, plumbing, electrical, refrigerator, pest control, etc. Just one of those components going wrong, like a mouse infestation or your HVAC going out, can completely take over your life until it’s fixed.

So, to help ward off problems, people take preventative measures. You might have maintenance done on your HVAC unit annually, ensure you upgrade your appliances before they fail, and take steps to reduce the risk of pests.

You can equate those things with your IT infrastructure and the need for managed IT services in Huntington County or other Indiana areas. 

Your technology infrastructure also has multiple components and any one of them going wrong can completely take over your life at work and put your employees at a standstill until they’re fixed.

The Benefits of Proactive IT Maintenance  

IT management is about more than just keeping your computer from crashing unexpectedly. It’s about keeping all those different moving parts of your technology infrastructure taken care of proactively, so you can avoid problems that drag down your business.

Here are some of the ways that you can benefit from managed IT services.

Increase Equipment Lifespan

How many different types of technology does your business own? And how often do you have to replace that technology? 

Increasing the usable life span you can get from servers, computers, and other equipment not only increases your return on investment, it can mean less business disruption when it comes to upgrade and migration activities.

According to this chart from Spiceworks, organizations typically have between 8-9 different types of hardware, including desktops, laptops, printers, servers, desk phones, and more.

By keeping your equipment properly maintained, the benefit across all the different types of technology you own is significant. It can increase the length of your replacement cycle and keep productivity from dipping due to degrading performance.

Improve Security & Equipment Selection

Do you use consumer grade equipment, like a D-Link or Netgear router? While they may seem like a good deal for your business because they’re cheap, they’re actually leaving your network at risk and causing more problems.

Consumer-grade equipment is designed to be used in homes, not for a business that’s dealing with much higher network traffic and more sensitive information.

Working with an IT provider, you can avoid making costly equipment mistakes that can mean a less secure network or buying cheap equipment that can’t be upgraded and has to be replaced well before you expect it to.

Some of the benefits of having an IT pro help with business-grade recommendations include:

  • Business-grade equipment can be easily remotely monitored and managed
  • Business-grade equipment is designed with higher security
  • Business-grade equipment is made to have the ability to upgrade
  • Business-grade equipment is created to be in operation all day

Technical Support When You Need It

Any problem that takes your staff away from their work is not only costly, but it’s also frustrating. It’s not unusual to walk through an office and see someone totally stressed out and upset because their IT wasn’t doing what it’s supposed to do.

When you work with a managed IT service provider, instead of having to struggle with problems, you and your team has an expert they can call on for support. Having expert technical support not only improves productivity, it also improves employee morale.

Someone That Knows You and Your Business (and Can Help You Optimize)

You know how it feels when you’ve had a mechanic for a long time and they just “know” your car? You never worry that you’re getting treated unfairly or that a problem is being misdiagnosed.

You can get that same peace of mind when you have a relationship with a managed IT provider, like Skyline Business Technology. Your provider gets to learn about your business, knows your technology hardware and software and becomes an extended part of your company.

This type of relationship means you get expert IT advice from someone that understands your mission and business processes, which can be invaluable when it comes to staying a step ahead of your competition.

Improve Your Business by Partnering with an IT Pro

Managed services through Skyline Business Technology can ensure your technology runs smoothly, reduce wasted time, and help you make your business even better.

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