What Can We Expect from the Windows 10 October 2020 Update?

What Can We Expect from the Windows 10 October 2020 Update?

Windows generally releases major updates in the spring and fall. Last fall brought some improvements in mail notifications and the file explorer search experience, and it was a fairly non-disruptive update compared to others.

You can expect the next major update, Windows 10 version 20H2, to roll out sometime this month and it will bring improvements to Microsoft Edge, the Taskbar, and more.

We’ve noticed that recent technology improvements (from Windows, Apple, etc.) are focusing more on user experience and productivity than visual niceties. This is an important trend to note because it means there are opportunities for workflow improvements with any major operating system update.

Small businesses that take full advantage of technology often come out ahead of those that don’t. For example, a study by Deloitte called Connected Small Businesses in the United States found that digitally advanced businesses earned twice as much revenue per employee.

Companies that properly maintain their IT infrastructure can see fewer cybersecurity incidents, less downtime, and more forward motion.

We’ll go through the updates you can expect in Windows 10 with the October version release and how it can help improve productivity and workflow.

More Phone PC Connectivity for Samsung Devices

The Your Phone feature will have more capabilities for certain Samsung devices that allow you to access phone apps on your PC. The apps will still technically run on your phone, but you can launch and interact with them from your PC.

This can make the hybrid mobile/PC workflow that many people have natively adopted even smoother since you’ll be able to access a phone app without needing to leave your PC screen.

More Customization for Taskbar

Pinned websites on the Windows Taskbar are getting better. You’ll be able to mouse over a website pinned to Taskbar and see all the browser tabs for the window rather than just the one that’s currently activated.

This can save time when you’re multi-tasking and want to just take a peek at your tabs without opening the entire browser.

Windows is also adjusting the Taskbar layout to be more intuitive according to how you use your PC. For example, if you connect your phone to the PC, you’ll see the Your Phone icon show up on your Taskbar by default.  

Switch to Tablet Mode and Back Automatically

If you’re using a tablet with a detachable keyboard, then you may be used to telling Windows to switch to enable tablet mode when your keyboard is disconnected.

You can save those additional seconds each time you switch once you install the new Windows 10 October update. Windows will switch to tablet mode for you automatically without you needing to do anything.

Default to the New Microsoft Edge Chromium Brower

Windows will now be taking full advantage of the new faster and more feature-rich Chromium Edge browser. Currently the old version is defaulted on Windows 10 and you have to download the new version manually. The new one will now be fully integrated.

Some of the time saving and productivity benefits of Edge’s Chromium-based browser include:

  • A “Collections” feature that allows you to save webpages by category
  • Use vertical tabs instead of horizontal to more easily page through multiple open tabs
  • Improve security with a “Tracking Prevention” feature
  • Use “Password Monitor” to see be alerted if your logins have been compromised

Fewer Distractions from Focus Assistant

Ironically, a Windows 10 feature called Focus Assistant that was designed to hide notifications when you were doing certain activities could be pretty distracting itself.

It would alert you about the notifications it’s not showing and then bombard you with them as soon as you finished what you were doing.

This is changing in Windows 10, and you’ll no longer receive these interruptions by default when using Focus Assistant.

App Logo Added to Notifications

Another notifications-related change being made is to add the app logo to an app notification. This allows you to quickly see which application the alert is coming from and click an “X” to dismiss it.

Easier Management for Mobile Device Managers

If your business uses a mobile device management application to keep track of your endpoints, it’s going to be a little easier to administer.

The new update will add “Local Users and Groups” settings that match the options available for devices managed through Group Policy.

This should make it faster for administrators using Group Policy to manage devices without having to use any workarounds.

Get Expert Help with Your Windows 10 Update

Having all your computers go through a feature update at the same time can cause a lot of disruption. Not all users have a smooth update experience or are very tech savvy. Instead of struggling through the October Update, let Skyline Business Technology take care of everything for you!

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